Work In Progress / 31 August 2023

Creating a world - An introduction to Project Chronovia

Project Chronovia is the capstone project title I am working on for my final university assignment. My goal is to enter the game development industry as a 3D and Environment artist, so the idea behind this project is to use it to showcase my skills in these areas, which I have developed throughout my degree and as a freelance artist and asset store publisher.

Chronovia is the name of the world; hence, the project title is Project Chronovia and has a high-fantasy setting. For this project, I will work in my 3D pixel art style within the Unreal Engine 5 game engine. My vision for this project is to create an entire game world in Unreal Engine 5 from start to finish and display it through video renders showcasing each area. The narrative of Project Chronovia follows a refugee escaping the corrupted, ruined kingdom of Mortisoria through various environments in search of the holy land of Terre Sainte, a land free of corruption. I believe a game environment should feel alive and tell the story of the world, so for this project, I want to be able to tell the story of the world through the environments without any need for dialogue.

Project Chronovia is a solo project, making me responsible for the entire development process. I will create most of the assets myself with limited help from free Unreal Marketplace Assets such as Skyboxes, post-processing LUTs, and some particle effects. Apart from that, my role in this project is to create everything else from scratch, including:

  • Narrative & lore
  • Environment concepts & designs
  • 2D pixel art & animations
  • PBR pixel art textures
  • 3D models
  • Game materials
  • Environment design & creation in engine
  • Post-processing
  • Particle and VFX
  • Lighting
  • Sequences & renders

Pre-production prototyping was concluded at the end of July, and production has started on the project as of the beginning of August 2023. I will have until the end of October 2023 (3 Months) to complete production.

I am building one area at a time and will use this blog to log the project's development at each stage. After each area is completed, I will post a blog and include my development process, any issues I encounter and how/if I solved them, a reflection on the area, and some lore to give context to the environments I have created. I also have a Trello dedicated to the project where you can track my progress.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to sharing more progress soon.

The Ruined World of Chronovia

The world of Chronovia serves as the battlefield between two gods: Deus Selenea, the god of light and life, and Deus Nibiru, the god of darkness and death, who fight for control of the Sephirot Stone. As the eternal battle rages on, the world of Chronovia is torn asunder, leaving only fragments of the planet behind.

The devastation of the planet is reflected in its landscapes and inhabitants. Chronovia is a sombre world characterized by poverty and division among its three nations. Despite most of the lands in Chronovia being partially destroyed, not all of them have been left in ruins. Some of the remaining lands still look beautiful, with stunning landscapes that have managed to withstand the devastation.

Concept of the world of Chronovia & the environments I will create for the project